TNCC Instructor Course

In order to become an TNCC instructor, this procedure must be followed:

  1. The course director of an TNCC course that you have taken must recommend you as a potential instructor.
  2. You must meet the following criteria to be recommended:
    1. Score of at least 90% on a multiple choice exam
    2. Score of at least 85% of total points in all skill stations except triage
    3. Recommendation of course director and instructors (letter would be sent to you after the course)
  3. If you have met these criteria, the following must be submitted to the state trauma chairperson for review:
    1. Letter of recommendation from your course director
    2. A curriculum vitae (maximum two pages) with two years of experience caring for trauma patients
    3. Letter expressing your commitment and your interest in teaching future TNCC
    4. Copy of your current ENA member card(not required for entrance to course used for monetary purpose only)
    5. Copy of your current RN license

When there are sufficient instructor candidates, a course will be planned to accommodate them.