Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course - Instructor / Trauma Nursing Core Course - Instructor

ENPCI /TNCCI is a one day course designed to prepare Providers with Instructor Potential status to become instructors.
The Instructor course emphasizes appropriate teaching strategies as well as correct evaluation methods.

Course content includes but is not limited to:

  • Teaching ENPC/TNCC
  • Microteaching Exercise
  • Teaching Prioritization
  • Teaching Psychomotor Skills
  • Evaluating Psychomotor skill performance
  • Coordinating a Provider Course

Instructor courses require that participants demonstrate their ability to lecture, teach and evaluate selected
psychomotor skill stations. Admission requirements are:

  1. A letter furnished by a Provider Course Director stating that the Course Director will assist the participant with the
    monitoring necessary for completion of Instructor Candidate requirements is required.
  2. Current ENPC/TNCC Provider status
  3. The letter of recommendation received from the ENPC/TNCC Provider Course Director indicating Instructor Potential
    is required and must be forwarded to the Instructor Course Director
  4. Instructor Candidates must reverify as an ENPC/TNCC Provider at the beginning of the Instructor Course they are
    attending. This includes achieving at least 90% on the Provider written exam and achieving at least 85% of the total
    points on the Provider skill stations. The only exception to the pre-testing requirement is an Instructor Candidate who
    has taken the Provider Course within 90 calendar days of the Instructor Course and has met the requirements.

Instructor candidates who have been accepted into the course will be requested additional information:

  1. Copy of RN License
  2. Copy of ENA membership card (not required for entrance used to determine registration fee)
  3. Letter expressing individual commitment and interest in teaching future courses
  4. Completed Instructor Course Data Form (provided by Instructor Course Director)

Participants will receive contact hour certificates at the end of the course. ENPCI- 8.25 CECH’s, TNCCI-7.5 CECH’s

Post Instructor Course Candidate monitoring requirements:

  1. Be evaluated while teaching a minimum of two lectures
  2. Be evaluated conducting the teaching and testing of the entire skill station of a Provider Course
  3. Complete evaluation and monitoring requirements within 12 months of successfully completing the Instructor

Contact WNYENA Course Coordinator (tjjmf40@aol.com) or www.nysena.org for dates and fees for upcoming courses